Buyers edge charged my bank account 19.95 for something I didnt even buy! I dont recall any orders from them.

And they charged me! I want my money back aSAP! I ordered secret consumer online for 19.95! I was charged that as well as 19.95 from buyers adge!

I Dont even know what buyers edge is! However, after doing a little bit of research i found out I am not the only one bring scammed! Whatever you do, don't give your credit card info online anymore! Companies like this are just out to get you!

Bottome Line!!!

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Al Muharraq, Al Muharraq, Bahrain #15043

UMG Buyers Edge and Sky Mall Magazine are in this togther. I found out that Sky Mall was the company that told UMG to put me on their Buyers Edge program. I never told them to do this and they never mentioned to me a company called Buyers Edge.

What scumbags.

And people wonder why someone comes into their place of work and starts shooting people.

Its obvious, they just do this as long as they can until people see the fraudulant charges on their statements.

UMG just told me today on the phone that they will be removing two charges of $14.95.

If they don't...they will be MUCH MORE than sorry, I DO NOT put up with this ***.

Crestline, Ohio, United States #6932

yes they scammed me also. i think i should sue visa for allowing this known scammer to operate thru the visa card system.

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