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I appear to be yet another one who has been ripped off my an unknow company. I have no idea what the $19.95 charge is for or even know who the company is.

And, heaven forbid, are there going to be additional charges. I think I am going to attempt the process of having the charge reversed and then have my checking account # changed so it won't happen again. By looking at this site, thhere are A LOT of people in the same 'cheated' state. Alan from Nashville.

Good luck to everyone else. Suggestions? Please post them to my attention.

Thanks again.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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I also got hit with the scam. i called 1-847-240-2005 and cancelled through them directly.

It seemed real easy to do, so im somewhat uneasy about it, but when i spoke to them about it they said i would not recieve any more charges (i asked in like 4 different ways) and that i was done with them.

So if anyone is having trouble i'd say try this number......i mean the worst that could happen is that it doesnt work, and you try another. ******Happy Hunting******

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