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I have read a number of reviews of this company and I think they have come up with a new way to rip people off.

I received a postcard in the mail stating that my Buyer's Edge membership was about to expire and that my credit card would automatically be charged $149.99 unless I called their 866 number. I have no intention of calling that number, but I am calling the financial institutions with which I have credit cards to inform them that the charge, should it appear, is not authorized. I will also call my state's Attorney General's office with a complaint.

POed in VT

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Yes, I hardly ever order anything by phone but I was told I has signed up for Buyers Edge by phone and that it was automatically renewing at the price of $149.99. Scam. They are lying liars who are hoping you won't notice the charge on your account.


Friggn Crooks!

Same scam... Postcard with no credit card info stating if I dont call etc..

Called my credit card companies who said dont worry, if they dont have your info they cant charge you!

Shure enough, just got my statement with B.E. charge of $149.99!!!!


My wife received the $149.99 postcard and I called to tell them we never heard of them. They said that there would be no charge and I asked if there had ever been any charges!10 mos.

ago they charged her account $99 and said it would be credited back. Be careful with these thieves!!!


Me too. $149.99 charged to my wife\'s card. I can\'t believe that the government is doing nothing about this company.


I received the same card today and called to inquire because I've never heard of them. Of course I did not renew because I never knowingly became a member to start with.

They were unable to give out any information on my so-call account. SCAM!!!


Our Company Store card was charged $149.99 in Feb 2010 for "Buyer's Edge" with no warning.


I received the same postcard from Buyer's Edge with the same telephone number. Postcard said my current membership was about to expire and Buyer's Edge would automatically bill my credit or debit card for $149.99 unless they hear from me.

I've never heard of them before the card came in the mail.

Thanks to Vtbairs for your post! I'll take the same precautions you did.

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